Professionalism and Ethics in Family Law

My commentary on the article “Professionalism and Ethics in Family Law” recently published in The Winkler Institute for Dispute Resolution, by Deanne Sowter.

When it comes to the role lawyers play in conflict resolution and ethical dilemmas, the notion of “neuro awareness” or attaining a degree of self-awareness may offer guidance.  Whether you are negotiating for yourself or on behalf of others, being mindful will allow you to maintain your composure and tune into your moral compass when something challenges you — a key element to success.

While there may be times when lawyers develop strong feelings about a particular client case, it’s the lawyer’s responsibility to create an honest and respectful environment and be aware of the important yet sensitive role they play in their client’s legal proceedings.

A topic recently addressed in The Winkler Institute for Dispute Resolution, I couldn’t agree more with the observations made by the lawyers who participated in the study: this “job requires a degree of self-reflection in order to be sure the lawyer’s own ego or personal perspective is not becoming commingled with the issues, creating harm rather than facilitating a solution.”

I look forward to the next post in this series by Deanne Sowter, which is exploring the Ethical and Professionalism dilemmas within Family Law, as it relates to both collaborative law and mediation.

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