Separating is Hard – Don’t Go Through Your Separation Alone

Divorce can be a painful and difficult process for everyone involved. Especially for children who are often caught in between the strong emotions of their parents. Parents need to balance feelings of anger, sadness and – often – fear with their children’s needs, all the while maintaining a brave face for their children at a vulnerable time.

Collaborative Family Law can offer divorced parents the opportunity to begin building a new relationship from ground zero where both parties are heard and satisfied, while providing a healthy example for their children through resolving longstanding disputes and nurturing healthy communication.

Nathalie Boutet, a Family Collaborative Law lawyer, works with a network of highly trained and competent professionals in connected disciplines to provide her clients with all of the services they may need to get through the legal separation.

For example, clients may need to work with a financial specialist to better understand their financial situation and the complex financial offers that will be presented.

Similarly, often times, clients will benefit from working with a specialist in parenting issues and post-separation communication training. One such colleague is Stella Kavoukian, a mediator and therapist based in Toronto offers divorcing partners an alternative to resolving disputes through Collaborative Family Law. Ms. Kavoukian was recently featured in the Globe and Mail, and in the Collaborative Practice Toronto Blog. The Globe and Mail article is a must read for separating parents who are seeking the best path forward for themselves and their children. You can read the Collaborative Practice Toronto blog here and the Globe and Mail article here.

Contact Nathalie Boutet for further information on your separation and to access her network of highly respected professionals in connected disciplines.

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