Parenting Time and Decision Making


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Parenting Time and Decision Making

Separating parents may find it difficult to understand what’s best for their children and how they will effectively co-parent after the separation especially if communication has become difficult between the parents. There are also often different parenting styles, the children may have varied levels of attachment or connection with the parents and with their siblings, and work and activities schedules may be complex.

Nathalie gently takes families through the legal process, educates parents about issues that separating families encounter, and guides parents on how they can share time with their children and make important decisions affecting their children’s wellbeing.


We are guided to craft parenting plans based on the children’s best interests.

Each child is different, and each family is different. A parenting arrangement that might be in one child’s best interests might not be in the best interests of another. Therefore, there is no presumption in favour of a particular parenting arrangement. Parenting arrangements for a child would have to be what is best for that child in that child’s particular situation, based on their safety, security and well-being.


My clients often have questions such as:

  • Should one of us move out?
  • Who pays for the house and family expenses during the legal separation process?
  • I am the primary parent, will that have to change?
  • Is there a trend towards equal parenting time?
  • I don’t want to be a weekend-parent, what can I do?
  • We have very different parenting styles and the children don’t react well to the other parent’s style, how will that work after separation?
  • We don’t communicate well; how can we co-parent our children?
  • Our child has special needs and does not handle transitions well; how does that get addressed in separation?
  • How can you help us with addiction issues in our family?

I provide education, guidance, and I recommends solutions. I help you create a plan that meets your children’s needs while minimizing conflict and stress, for the benefit of everyone involved. I also help parents set boundaries and learn techniques to communicate effectively with each other, especially when it comes to making important decisions affecting their children’s welfare.

I know how difficult the breakdown of the relationship can be, and I am here for you.

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