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boutet family law

Nathalie Boutet received Accreditation status from Ontario Association of Family Mediators

Toronto family lawyer Nathalie Boutet has been awarded the title of Accredited Family Mediator (AccFM) by the Ontario Association of Family Mediators (OAFM). This designation is sanctioned by the Ontario provincial government. According to OAFM, family mediators have the expertise

Financial Disclosure in Divorce Cases

When people separate and embark on the legal process, through the courts or in Collaborative Law or Mediation, they must disclose to the other spouse’s lawyer everything about their financial situations. It’s called providing “financial disclosure”. Here is what’s included

How Not to Need Your Family Law Lawyer Forever

Nathalie Boutet is featured on Advocate Daily discussing how a Collaborative Law Lawyer will set divorced families up for positive resolution in the future when issues are reopened. The needs of separated families will constantly change. The residency schedule may

Getting married? Talking about a pre-nup is healthy

Wedding season is coming up. Most think that marriage agreements (or pre-nups as we call them in pop culture) are only needed for people with a lot of money. In fact, marriage agreements are becoming more and more popular for

Occupation rent for divorcing spouses

Separating spouses may have to deal with the issue of “occupation rent”. If the separating spouses own a house jointly and one spouse moves out, the spouse who remains in occupation of the house may be asked to pay occupation

The Family Law Expo 2012: Nathalie Boutet will be a guest speaker

This upcoming weekend in Toronto is the first North American Expo bringing together all of the resources needed to support families dealing with Separation & Divorce, Medical, Mental Health, and other lifestyle issues and provides information to help build and

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