Over the course of my 32 year career, I have had the pleasure of serving thousands of individuals and couples. The following are a few examples of how our proven practice and methodology work.

“I think it was Nathalie’s creative, kind and flexible approach that enabled my husband and I to travel the rough waters of our relationship and come out with a Marriage Contract accomplished through harmony and negotiation, not recriminations and rigidity. Nathalie was always willing to find new ways to word things so they did not sound punitive and so nobody’s feelings got hurt. The journey towards our Contract could have been damaging, but instead it was healing. We will always thank Nathalie for that.”

P.H., Client

“Nathalie’s process was remarkable. She realizes that a divorce is not just a legal event, but more importantly to the person involved it is a life event – one that’s packed with emotions. I think it was this quality that allowed Nathalie to keep laying down a clear path for the Collaborative process. She was able to communicate the direction to make the path clear to me, and she identifies areas of uncertainty even before they were revealed in the process. Knowing where you’re going (and why) saved time and (more importantly) a lot of emotions. Nathalie exhibits leadership rather than ego, and her manner is human and confident. She really knows what she’s doing. Nathalie empowers you by being attentive, and by giving you the knowledge and framework to move forward and embrace the future.”

C.D., Client

“Nathalie bursts all of the preconceived notions of her profession; she is a strong, reliable and conscientious professional, with a rare warmth and generosity of spirit. I was initially keen on the idea of working with Nathalie because of her professional credentials and non-confrontational approach. From the very first moments of our first meeting however, I was taken by her overwhelming understanding and supportiveness. As we went through the separation process it became clear that Nathalie was not only highly skilled, but also sensitive, empathetic and humane. She was a tough and direct advocate, yet patient, reasonable and diplomatic. Working with Nathalie made a traumatic situation more comfortable and painless than I would have imagined possible and her billing took my unique financial circumstances into consideration throughout. I recommend her without reservation.”

T.L., Client

“Hello Nathalie. I don’t expect you to remember me- you represented me in my case about 20 years ago. I was reminded of you recently when I was going through my old file. I’m writing just to express my gratitude for your work, both as a professional and as a person. Your professionalism was so appreciated- you were not inflammatory with the other attorney and were very respectful of all concerned and the process itself. You made a difference and believed in me. Thank you for reading this and for allowing me to express my gratitude.”


"Thank you, Nathalie.
I very much appreciate your support - I asked you in the beginning to have my back and you did all the way through. Know that if anyone else in my known circle will face the challenge of separation and divorce, I will refer them to you with the highest of endorsement."

H.B., Client

“Nathalie finalized a settlement for my husband and I in mediation. I am very grateful and appreciated that Nathalie was able to help us to reach an agreement after months of dispute. It was really a surprise for me. She is an amazing and dedicated Mediator. It was not an easy journey but thanks to Nathalie, we were able to get a final approved Minutes of Settlement that every party is happy with.”

E.N., Client

“This is just a note to thank you for the good advice you gave us at our meeting recently. It’s been a difficult, emotional situation for all of us; it meant a lot to me that you handled it with such professionalism and caring.”

D.D., Client

"After considerable research, discussions with friends and lawyers, we got lucky and found Nathalie. After interviewing one another, we quickly concluded that we could work with Nathalie – professional qualifications, solid experience, knowledgeable and she beamed with confidence. It turned out that Nathalie was an excellent choice – she is fair, thorough, creative, organized, has a calming effect and when required a sense of humour. Nathalie’s process and personal attributes helped reduce stress and tension which created a productive and business-like environment and yielded a relatively quick settlement."

D.C., Client

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