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Financial Issues

Valuing discretionary and non-discretionary trusts

Nathalie Boutet was featured on Advocate Daily to discuss the subject of valuing discretionary and non-discretionary trusts. Ontario courts have recognized that contingent assets such as a spouse’s interest in a trust are considered property, and are therefore taken into

Report recommends providing family law support early on

A report addressing gaps in the early stages of the family law system is a beneficial step towards better processes, says Toronto family lawyer Nathalie Boutet. The new report, released by the Law Commission of Ontario, includes several recommendations aimed

Income Determination and Divorce – Collaborative Divorce Law Can Be Used to Negotiate Financial Disclosure in Divorce

How do separating spouses know the appropriate amount of spousal and child support? As your family law lawyer will tell you, both spouses need to produce financial information about their income and expenses so that the amount of spousal and

Alimony Spousal Support in Ontario for Homemakers: In a Separation, Should a Homemaker Be Forced Back to Work?

An important issue to be thinking about in separation is alimony spousal support in Ontario. The laws about temporary support and alimony spousal support in Ontario promote the obligation of both spouses to try to achieve financial independence.  These laws

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