Child Support


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Child Support

Families may be struggling to understand their rights and obligations in regard to child support. I often get asked to provide information about a variety of questions such as:

  • My income fluctuates from year to year, how do we set the amount payable?
  • I don’t want my children to have so much more at my ex’s house than at my house.
  • I am a saver, and my ex is a spender. How does that impact child support?
  • My spouse owns a business, how do we determine their income is for support?
  • Does child support end after high school?
  • My parents funded the children’s RESPs, what happens to that money upon a separation?

Ontario Child Support Law

Child support is the legal obligation of a parent to provide financial support for their child or children. The amount of child support is determined based on a variety of factors including the income of the parent who is obligated to pay, the number of children who are entitled to support, the parenting schedule and the expenses for the children such as child care, medical expenses not covered by insurance or summer camps.

In Ontario, child support is governed by the federal Divorce Act for married couples, and the provincial Family Law Act for families that are living common law.

The Child Support Guidelines

The Child Support Guidelines are a set of rules that provide a standardized method for calculating the amount of child support that a parent must pay.

The Guidelines apply to all child support orders made under the Divorce Act or the Family Law Act. They also apply to parents who are not married but who have children together. however the table setting the support payable varies by province.

Ontario child support law is complex and can be difficult to navigate without the help of a knowledgeable legal professional.

I am here to help. I provide expert guidance to parents who are negotiating child support arrangements to ensure you achieve a fair and satisfactory resolution for you and for your children.

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