Mediated Separation and Divorce


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Mediated Separation and Divorce

As a family lawyer and accredited mediator, I am qualified to mediate both financial and parenting issues and I ensure that the process meets legal standards.

Separation and divorce are often filled with emotions and challenges that you and your spouse have not experienced before and have little training to deal with effectively.

My clients have many questions about mediation, including:

  • We can’t communicate, how is mediation going to work?
  • I am uncomfortable expressing myself in the presence of my ex, how will mediation protect me?
  • We have very difficult problems that we haven’t been able to resolve. How will you be able to help us?
  • There is not a lot of trust left between us. Doe that rule out mediation?
  • There is addiction or substance abuse involved. Must we go to court or can we try alternatives before going to court?

Each situation is unique and requires thoughtful, fair consideration. While providing an efficient and organized process, I also seek to understand each party; what is important to them, and how they process information. I then design the mediation process and meetings to best accommodate the various needs and styles.

My mediation clients have commented on my calm and considerate approach to their issues. I am passionate about what I do, and I work hard to help you find solutions that you may not have thought about before. I have over 32 years of family law experience that I love to bring to bear, and I believe that there is always a solution to every problem.

To avoid the costly exchange of numerous draft separation agreements between the spouses’ lawyers at the end of the process, I prepare the separation agreement to ensure a fair process with neutral language.

You and your spouse will be given the choice to receive independent legal advice from your respective lawyers. Nathalie suggests working with collaborative lawyers to support the work done in mediation.

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