Buying a House with a Spouse: Common Pitfalls to Avoid – Nathalie Boutet on CFRA Radio

Nathalie Boutet speaks to CFRA Radio on April 27th, 2015, to discuss the potential pitfalls of buying a house with a spouse without first consulting with a family law lawyer.

Things to watch for, says Boutet, include:

  • How much is each contributing towards the down payment?
  • Will the title reflect the percentage of contribution towards the down payment?
  • Who will pay the expenses of the family and the house, and will that have an impact on the ownership of the house?
  • What is the difference in taking the house as “joint tenant” vs “tenant in common”
  • Why concluding the purchase with a real estate lawyer is not sufficient and the benefits of working with a family lawyer for this type of transaction

Boutet offers the highest quality of family law services while offering practical tips to benefit her clients while keeping matters cordial between spouses.

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