Family Law Income Determination Event – Last Chance


Accurately determining income for child and spousal support purposes can be time consuming and challenging. It becomes even more difficult when one of the parties is self-employed or a small business owner. This workshop will summarize applicable legal and accounting principles related to common issues in the determination of income of a self-employed individual or business owner. It will focus on providing creative solutions to issues such as:

  • How to identify issues from financial documents including tax returns and financial statements
  • Double dipping: What is double dipping? What does the case law say? How can double dipping be quantified and practically addressed?
  • The income tax gross-up: What does the tax gross-up represent? When should it be used? How is it quantified?
  • Imputation of income: When is it appropriate to impute income? How do you quantify the amount of income to impute?

Offered twice:


COMPLETE – April 30, 2014; 9-11:00 am, Offices of Nathalie Boutet, 20 Queen Street West, 33rd floor, Toronto, Ontario

June 5, 2014; 12-2:00 pm, Offices of Jeffrey Cling, Fuller Landau, 151 Bloor Street West, 12th floor, Toronto, Ontario


Fee: $35 (Inclusive of HST)

To register please contact Savika at [email protected]


Nathalie Boutet: Nathalie Boutet is a leading Canadian mediator and collaborative law lawyer. She is also a Deputy Judge in the Ontario Small Claims Court and a local and international teacher. She regularly provides opinions to the media on legal matters.

Jeffery Cling: Jeffery Cling is a Chartered Business Valuator and has experience in preparing valuations of private companies in many industries. Jeffrey has experience in the preparation of expert reports for purposes of litigation support, share transactions and tax planning.

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