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healthy workplace

Supporting Employees through Divorce – Nathalie Boutet in Workplace Today

Today virtually everyone brings their personal life to work, whether it be through their smartphone or social media. This trend makes it even more important that organizations provide the tools to empower their employees to deal effectively with the workplace

Leave emotions out of family business negotiations – Nathalie Boutet in Spark Business IQ

Just because a relationship ends, a family business doesn’t have to, Toronto family lawyer Nathalie Boutet says in a Spark Business IQ article discussing how to protect companies from failed romantic partnerships. “The bottom line is that the split should

Opt for calm, rational responses for a healthy workplace – Nathalie Boutet in Lawyers Weekly

While it may come naturally to lawyers to think fast and react quickly, the method may not work when dealing with interoffice conflict, Toronto family lawyer Nathalie Boutet says in Lawyers Weekly. In an article discussing healthy work environments, Boutet says: “Our jobs

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