Separated Families Derive Great Satisfaction Through the Collaborative Process – Nathalie Boutet in Ontario Bar Association

When my colleague Barbara Kristanic and I started our most recent Collaborative Law case involving mobility (wife and children to relocate from Ontario to Europe), a child with disabilities, a stay-at-home mother and a husband who wanted to change careers, from a very lucrative international consulting business to a steady job that paid significantly less, we seriously paused to evaluate the appropriateness of the clients’ choice of process.

Most readers might be surprised to read that all issues in our case were resolved using Collaborative negotiation. No judge or arbitrator was ever needed to resolve these extremely complicated circumstances.

More importantly, several months after the successful conclusion of the negotiations, the two former spouses were together in the wife’s new residence in Europe, to facilitate the husband’s time with the children after the former wife and children relocated to Europe, and to manage the cost of this expensive new family structure.

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